Geothermal floating pools


 geothermal spa surrounded by greenery and also spread out at the bank of a beautiful lake

Vök Baths, newest geothermal destination, and tourist attraction in the East part of Iceland have opened. The destination main landmarks are warm pools that float by the lake's shore. This beautiful area also includes an outdoor pool bar, a steam bath, and a restaurant. EFLA was responsible for all the engineering design of the facilities.

Vök Baths

Vök Baths is located at Lake Urriðavatn about 5 kilometers northwest of Egilsstaðir. Vök Baths harness the geothermal power of the region to create a unique bathing experience with amazing views of the lake and the surrounding area.

One of the main attractions will undoubtedly be the floating pools, which are in the lake. The pools are Iceland's first floating pools and create a unique experience for visitors.

Potable geothermal water

The fixed pool is with a poolside bar and a restaurant that offers geothermal tea and beer brewed from the geothermal water. The water adds to the uniqueness of the place as it is the only one in the country that has been certified drinkable by health authorities.

The local engineering design team

Construction of Vök Baths began last spring and the construction is over a thousand square meters. EFLA was responsible for the engineering design of all structures, except the floating pools. That included traditional building design, which included consulting on swimming pool systems, air conditioning and house management systems. The design of the building was in the hands of Basalt Architects and its interiors were designed in collaboration with Design Group Italia. The floating pools came from Bluet Floating Solutions.

We are thankful to all collaborators that contributed to the work at Vök Baths, it truly was a great pleasure working with them all.

Vök Baths website

A man explaining POS system to another

Our team on-site, Einar Andrésson and Garðar Örn Garðarson, discussing the swimming pool system.