Geothermal Energy Will Change The Lifestyle In Croatia


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In the spring of 2023, Bjelovar will begin constructing a drill hole to use geothermal energy. Hafsteinn Helgason, director of business development at EFLA Consulting Engineers, attended the initial conference in Bjelovar, Croatia.

About the project

The conference was for the project "Increased geothermal energy production capacity – Infrastructural activities at the drill hole Korenovo GT-1".

Hafsteinn stated that Bjelovar would have the help of their experienced experts on this project. "With joint teamwork, we must use the treasures you have. Once you start using geothermal energy, it will change your lifestyle. In Iceland, 95% of households use geothermal energy. Be sure to use geothermal energy for the industry to have year-round income. "

Creating the future

The Mayor of the City of Bjelovar, Dario Hrebak, pointed out that this is a revolutionary project for Bjelovar. "We have geothermal energy and need to know how to use it. Although we still do not know for sure what we will find, and there are risks, it is worth it. If this project succeeds completely, it will open 5 to 7 new holes in the city area, with a capacity of 30 to 40 mW of heat, which would be enough for heating the whole day. Over a long period of years, this risk is insignificant compared to the benefits we receive. This is the first project in Croatia in which public money enters the field of geothermal energy with a large contribution to the local community. Today we are creating the future, and with one small project, we are creating a big story that will have a big impact on the green transition of the whole of Croatia."

Zvonimir Žarec, director of Terme Bjelovar, had this to say on this occasion. "The future of geothermal energy is one of the essential characteristics and possibilities that Croatia must develop better and more effectively. In the future, significant investments in renewable energy sources await us in order to be independent and achieve significant savings. With all its investments, Europe foresees a reduction of dependence on fossil fuels to 43% by 2030 and below 6% by 2050. Croatia has great potential for this."

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Achieving the goals of the Green EU Plan

The representative of the Ministry of Regional Development and European Union Funds, Darko Fridl, emphasized: "At the very beginning of the implementation of this project, the Ministry, as the Program Manager, wants a successful implementation during which it will provide maximum support in order to successfully end the project itself."

And Tomislav Đurić from the Energy Institute stated. "Geothermal energy is gaining in value and importance precisely at the current moment of strong growth in the prices of all energy sources in the world, the consequences of which Croatia is also feeling. Given that Croatia is one of the few European countries rich in geothermal sources of very high temperatures, the focus in achieving the goals of the Green EU Plan should be, to a significant extent, precisely in geothermal energy. This underutilized natural potential can bring significant economic benefits to the Republic of Croatia in the long term and create the foundations of energy sustainability."

Geothermal energy should become a priority

Finally, Haakon Blankenborg, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Norway to the Republic of Croatia, said. "By mutual agreement of the donor countries, we chose Croatia because the use of geothermal energy should become its priority. We are all one Europe that must become greener, and the greening of each member state automatically makes Europe greener. Croatia is also included in this. We know how to diversify energy, and Bjelovar has the potential to achieve all goals."

The project aims to increase energy production from renewable sources, reduce CO2 emissions and increase the security of supply. The goals will be achieved through the execution of infrastructure works (construction, oil-mining) at the Korenovo GT-1 drill hole to exploit geothermal energy, with the ultimate planned combined use of the produced energy (district heating and commercial use). The geothermal energy obtained from the drill hole will be used for heating purposes to supply the planned pool complex in Veliko Korenovo with thermal energy, then the future Business Zone Korenovo and the future planned greenhouse agricultural production in the area of Veliko Korenovo.

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