Framework agreement in Norway


A footbridge leading to black house behind fence

EFLA has signed a famework agreegment with the department of urban development in the Oslo city council. In collaboration with five other companies, EFLA will provide the council solutions that improves the urban environment in Oslo.

The department of urban development is constantly thriving to make the city better for all its users, including in terms of traffic safety, accessibility and planning for a greener future. The department is responsible for a wide range of projects in that require many fields over engineering. EFLA's personnel are highlight skilled and have experience from a range of disciplines and will be able to provide the necessary solutions.

Better Oslo for all users

This framework agreement includes assignments at both the preliminary and detailed design stages. EFLA's systems of work are structured to ensure coordination between teams, avoiding silo engineering. With tasks ranging from the large-scale regulatory plans to the detailed solutions, EFLA is excited to make Oslo better for all users. EFLA will be there from the start with clarification and consultation for the client all the way to the finished designs and approvals.

Tasks includes design of roads, streets, footways, cycle paths, squares, public gathering points, green areas, retaining walls, bridges, culverts and other road structures, roundabouts, and various traffic safety measures as well as area planning in urban development areas.

In addition, EFLA will deliver assessments on noise and provide solutions, whether this includes sound barriers, facade improvements or other measures. The traffic team will as necessary provide traffic analysis at the micro and macro levels, while our urban planning team have capabilities on landscape design, green areas, aesthetics, lighting and drainage.

Recent successes

This framework agreement with Oslo City Council is one of several agreements EFLA has signed this year. This years successes includes a contract for works to Fornebubanen, as well as a framework contract with Lørenskog City Council.

About EFLA Consulting Engineers

EFLA has broad expertise in the management, planning and design of transport facilities. The employees in Norway have experience with bridge design, road and street planning, traffic analysis, lighting installations, electrical installations, water, drainage and drainage solutions, as well as project and building management.

With cost-effective, flexible and award-winning solutions within the disciplines, EFLA offers services that ensure good planning and designs that accommodate the needs of the future.