EFLA receives the 2022 President of Iceland award


EFLA official standing next to the President holding export achievement award in his hands

The president of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson awarded EFLA Consulting Engineers the 2022 presidential award for export achievement. EFLA's CEO, Sæmundur Sæmundsson, received the award at the award ceremony at Bessastaðir presidential residence, with a number of EFLA's employees in attendance.

EFLA worldwide

EFLA and its predecessors have emphasised its international development by exporting ingenuity and knowledge for almost three decades. The main goals have been to provide support for the business, spread risk in operations, utilise expertise and ingenuity as an opportunity for growth, create more diverse opportunities for employees and create a more interesting and dynamic workplace.

EFLA operates subsidiaries in seven countries; EFLA AS in Norway, EFLA AB in Sweden, ISPOL in Poland, HECLA in France, IPU in Berlin, KSLD in Scotland and RTE in Turkey. These companies employ a total of 90 professionals. Overall, EFLA has an expansive project portfolio all over the globe, completing projects in over 40 countries.

EFLA's most substantial export is consultation in the field of energy transmission. EFLA specialises in designing, managing and implementing diverse engineering power and utility projects. EFLA is a leading provider of one-stop services in producing and distributing electricity and other types of utilities, covering everything from environmental issues, geotechnical engineering, surveying, and power plant design to project management. Other significant fields of expertise include diverse projects in the transportation sector, automation in various industries as well as the preparation and development of geothermal power plants.


The award greatly encourages EFLA to set the bar even higher in its international affairs. Efforts will be made to increase co-operation, co-ordination and synergy within EFLA's international operations to strengthen the foundation for growth. We intend to seize the great opportunities that already exist with existing products and markets and examine opportunities with existing products in new markets.

The forthcoming energy exchange will require extensive and demanding international co-operation if success is to be achieved. EFLA intends to participate actively in developing a new value chain of energy exchange in a global environment. EFLA's emphasis on sustainable solutions and corporate social responsibility will play a key role for many years.

a large group of people standing with the president of Iceland, Gudni

Pictures: Kristján Maack.