EFLA receives Prestigious Environmental Award


Three EFLA representatives holding Environmental award and flower bouquet

EFLA Consulting Engineers received a prestigious environmental award for exceptional work in environmental issues over the past year. The Icelandic Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources rewards each year this award, "Kuðungur" (Sea shell), recognising companies and public organisations who excel in environmental issues.

The award was presented at the headquarters of EFLA at Lyngháls 4 and it was Guðmundur Ingi Guðbrandsson, the Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources who announced the decision of the selection committee and presented the award.

A leader in environmental efforts

The reasoning of the selection committee for the selection of EFLA as the recipient of the Kuðungur states that since its establishment, EFLA has sought to be a leader in environmental matters, whether in its own operation or provision of environmentally friendly solutions. Environmental consultancy services are a vital part of the services of the company and EFLA has supported more than twenty companies in the adoption of environmental management. In addition, the company had paved the way for new measures in environmental issues in excess of legal requirements, such as in the preparation of life-cycle analyses, consultancy services in the environmental certification of buildings, as well as various solutions, relating to environmental engineering. “At EFLA, the environmental viewpoint is applied to all projects. Such environmental linkage is extremely important in a company that undertakes to provide a variety of consultancy services and project management”, states the reasoning of the selection committee.

See the reasoning of the selection committee. (Icelandic text)

Employees deserve a great deal of credit

“We are extremely proud to receive this award as it is the culmination of work that has been carried out for a long time. Environmental issues have become a part of our daily routine and our greatest influence, as a matter of fact, centres on the consultancy services that we provide daily to dozens of companies. In doing so we need to continue to focus on and work toward solutions that strengthen our customers and communities. EFLA has been extremely blessed with exceptional employees and has, over the years, enjoyed the company of people who have been pioneers in environmental issues, that is to say, all our employees who have worked as one to achieve this success and deserve all our thanks.” says Guðmundur Þorbjörnsson, CEO of EFLA.

Environmental management in own operation

Considerable importance is placed on environmental management in the operation of EFLA, whether in consultancy services, general operations of own offices and laboratories, and in procurements and selection of suppliers. When EFLA relocated to new premises in late 2018, requirements were made for BREEAM environmental certification and great importance was placed on environmentally friendly construction materials, noise abatement, indoor quality, sorting stations and good facilities for staff that choose active modes of transportation. Every effort is made to reduce the carbon footprint of the company and EFLA's contribution, Matarspor (food footprint), which shows the different carbon footprints of meals, has garnered much attention.

Consultancy must take account of environmental solutions

A part of EFLA's services includes calculating the carbon footprint of customers in different projects, anything from packaging to buildings and organisation. Likewise, some consultancy services to customers related to the manner in which it is possible to reduce the volume of waste generation or its utilisation for positive purposes. An example of this is an innovative solution at Mývatn which involves using sewage (black water) for land reclamation.

The Kuðungur is a beautiful piece of sculpture

The present sculpture was created by the Fischer artist team which consists of the siblings Lilja Birgisdóttir, Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir and Jón Þórir Birgisson. The sculpture is more than an ornament because if you place a smartphone inside it, the shell grabs the sound emitted from the phone and amplifies it as a loudspeaker would. Thus, in its design, the sculpture becomes a play on nature and technology.

Sea shell on a wooden box, next to flower bouquet

Kuðungurinn 2019.

EFLA feels honored

EFLA greatly appreciates the recognition for the company's efforts that the Kuðungur award, the environmental award of the Ministry for the Enviroment and Natural Resources, represents.

Environmental award 2019 text in the shape of sea shell