EFLA receives an EPIC MegaGrant


A representative of EFLA looking at a man using VR headset

EFLA Consulting Engineers has been granted an EPIC MegaGrant by Epic Games to complete its project "Time changes everything." The project is a virtual time machine simulator. Epic Games is the maker of Fortnite, Unreal Engine and Twinmotion, to name a few.

Project intention

The project is intended to give users the opportunity to experience how time and the elements can drastically change our surroundings over an extended period of time. Using the simulation, the user can make decades of centuries pass in a matter of seconds. The simulation will be driven by the Unreal Engine game engine software. Unreal Engine is used to produce many of today‘s most popular games, including Epic Games' own "Fortnite".

"The EPIC MegaGrant is a great validation of EFLA's vision and work in terms of real-time visualization and how we see the future development of this field in our business. It will be really interesting to see the users' reactions to our world when they can experience geological events in human-scale time. It is a great honour to receive this grant and we look forward to working with Epic Games on this project. Epic is very selective when it comes to awarding these grants." says Throstur Thor Bragason, a 3-D artist and Medialogist at EFLA.

headshot of Thorstur Bragason

Vibrant innovation

The Epic MegaGrant was founded to promote innovation and development across many platforms of media and entertainment. EFLA Consulting Engineers has a rich innovation culture and the goal of the project "Time changes everything" is to promote the possibilities of this real-time technology even more, both within the company itself as well as to the public. The grant is a welcome boost to the effort and the project is expected to provide an even better platform for further development within EFLA in this exciting field of real-time visualization.

See more information about Epic MegaGrants on website.

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