EFLA participated in a seminar in Poland


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Birta Kristín Helgadóttir, Director of Energy at EFLA Consulting Engineers, and Piotr Gburczyk, CEO of ISPOL, EFLA´s subsidiary in Poland, participated in a seminar at the Icelandic embassy in Warsaw, Poland, on Wednesday, June 14th.


The seminar was called Icelandic - Polish - Cooperation Seminar, on Geothermal Energy, Energy Transition and Carbon Capture and Storage. The summit brought together companies, institutions, local governments, and other private/public stakeholders to share best practices from experts on geothermal energy transition and CCS. Opportunities in cooperation between Poland and Iceland were addressed, as well as funding opportunities and environmental and climate benefits of the energy transition in all sectors. The Icelandic ambassador to Poland, Hannes Heimisson, shared words of welcome, and the secretary of state at the Ministry of foreign affairs in Poland, Arkadiuaz Mularczyk, attended the seminar, among other vital actors.

Leading experts from Polish and Icelandic companies, institutions and local governments attended and presented at the seminar. Birta Kristín presented on behalf of EFLA Consulting Engineers in a session called Energy Transition, Renewables, Hydrogen and CCS. Her presentation shared EFLA's expertise in renewable energy and energy transition, emphasizing her vast experience in energy transmission and distribution.

Subsidiaries in five countries

EFLA owns and operates subsidiaries in five countries focusing on energy transmission and distribution. We foresee massive growth in power grids in all our main markets and immense opportunities. Collaboration between our subsidiaries in this field has never been as strong as today, and we see this development continue. We also look forward to participating in the vital infrastructure development of the European power grid, providing economically and environmentally feasible solutions based on over 40 years of experience in this field.

The seminar was a great success meant to explore and improve various possibilities and interests of more cooperation between Poland and Iceland in geothermal district heating, renewable energy sources, and energy security, as well as on multiple opportunities regarding energy transition, renewables, hydrogen, and CCS.

Moreover, the seminar contributed to reducing pollution and carbon dioxide emissions, which is essential in mitigating Climate Change, in harmony with Poland's Energy, Environmental and Climate EEA Grant program.

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