EFLA name change in Poland


Two pictures put together. One man in each picture.

Piotr Gburczyk, CEO of EFLA in Poland, and Sæmundur Sæmundsson, CEO of EFLA.

EFLA is the new name of ISPOL – PROJEKT, a Polish consulting company that has been a subsidiary of EFLA since 2019. This marks the fourth company outside of Iceland to adopt the EFLA name, joining its counterparts in Norway, Sweden, and Scotland. EFLA also has a subsidiary in France.

Enhanced worldwide status

“It is a pleasant step that ISPOL has adopted EFLA´s name. This reflects our focus on improving our international position. Since 2019, ISPOL has been a subsidiary of the EFLA group, and the name change strengthens EFLA’s collaboration even further. EFLA’s staff works together across fields, regions, and countries, contributing to a work environment where specialization is used where it is needed. This makes EFLA better equipped to meet multiple challenges,” states Sæmundur Sæmundsson, EFLA´s CEO.

Piotr Gburczyk, CEO of EFLA in Poland, says the name change is a long-awaited milestone. “And reflects EFLA´s current position and aspirations in the Polish and international markets. The EFLA brand becomes present and visible in Poland through the name change. It will allow the development of the current offer aimed at the domestic market but will also make it possible to expand it to other energy and construction projects in the future.”

Group of people standing in front of a building.

Employees of EFLA in Poland and other staff from EFLA working on energy transmission.

Leading the field

EFLA in Poland is a well-established engineering consultancy located in Lodz, Poland. It employs almost 40 people who specializes in preparing and designing transmission lines and connecting structures and work closely with EFLA´s staff in other countries. This includes HV substations and HV equipment, cable and overhead transmission lines, HV towers and offshore, and onshore wind generation facilities. Key customers include PSE, a public company that owns and operates the Polish electricity transmission system, Poland's electricity distribution networks, and contractors in this field.

“EFLA's staff has been recognized for their expertise in the electricity transport sector, particularly in Nordic countries and northern Europe. EFLA in Poland is integral to our service offerings in this vital sector. The focus on energy transmission and distribution is consistent with EFLA's objective of leading this field,” emphasizes Sæmundsson.

To learn more please visit the website for EFLA Poland, www.efla.pl.