EFLA in Energy Focus


single transmission tower

EFLA Consulting Engineers are in the latest edition of Energy Focus. EFLA's CEO Sæmundur Sæmundsson and Steinþór Gíslason, Director of Energy, talked about the company's continued growth.

EFLA in Energy Focus

"Iceland's EFLA Consulting Engineers is taking its skillset, developed in its cruel home climate, and growing around Scandinavia and Europe. By focusing on quality and sustainability above everything else, this expert in renewable energy, transmission lines and substations is becoming ever popular as the energy transition challenges continue to mount."

This is an introduction to the new edition of Energy Focus, where EFLA Consulting Engineers are in focus. 

"In the Nordic countries, most of our energy-related work has been in the design of overhead transmission lines. It differs from the rest of the world mainly due to the weather and terrain conditions, especially here in Iceland. That is the main reason we are strong in this field, as we have Icelandic experience from the beginning with heavy wind, ice, and snow." - Steinþór Gíslason in Energy Focus.

The edition as a whole is on the Energy Focus website.