EFLA claims Prestigious Climate Award


EFLA consulting engineers standing together with smile on their faces

EFLA Consulting Engineers is proud to be the receiver of the Climate Award 2019 announced at the Climate Summit hosted by the City of Reykjavík and Festa, the Icelandic Center for Corporate Social Responsibility. The award highlights EFLA's determination for sustainability in all aspects of its operation as well as action and education in terms of the fight against climate change.

Sustainability is priority

EFLA has placed great emphasis on sustainable operations both when it comes to innovation within the firm as well as in projects for clients. EFLA offers customers a wide variety of solutions that enables the project to go forward while minimizing their environmental footprint. Within EFLA, direct emissions have been lowered by 17% compared to 2015 and the firm is carbon neutral. These are among the reasons why this jury chose EFLA as the recipient of this prestigious award.

Matarspor is an innovative product made by EFLA that has attracted deserved attention. Its function is such that it calculates and compares the carbon footprint of meals, bringing awareness to consumers and producers about the environmental impact of their food, allowing for informed decision making when it comes to diet.

What are you ready to do?

The Climate Summit of Festa and the City of Reykjavík took place on Friday, November 29th in Harpa where the theme was “What are we ready to do?”. The speakers, including the Mayor of Reykjavik and the Minister of the Environment and Natural Resources, talked about accomplishments in the past and challenges up ahead when it comes to the climate. EFLA had representatives at the summit and an exhibition booth, where Matarspor was officially launched, drawing attention of the attendees.

Solutions that have a positive impact on communities

EFLA's staff is extremely grateful for the recognition and are pleased that our ever-growing environmental and climate initiatives are garnering the interest of the public. This award presents us with encouragement to continue to provide valuable solutions in this field.