EFLA at CIGRE in Paris


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EFLA engineers attended this year’s CIGRE conference in Paris, which gathered approximately 3500 specialists from several countries to discuss and share the latest knowledge and technology on energy systems and components.

What EFLA contributed

Ragnhildur Ingunn Jónsdóttir presented a paper written by Gilles Sabatier-Olne from EFLA, together with engineers from Statnett, the Norwegian TSO, on the design of a new 420kV AC single circuit aluminium tower. The tower was developed in collaboration with Statnett to help reduce environmental impacts resulting from the production and construction of OHTL.

The paper attracted the attention of several line designers during the poster and B2 discussion sessions, with most querying if the tower was designed for emergency restoration conditions or permanent installations.

EFLA informed that the aluminium tower is intended as a permanent installation even though the light weight also lends itself to emergency restorations. However, EFLA has designs better suited for this.

Many thanks to Statnett for the opportunity to participate in this project and for the fruitful collaboration between EFLA and Statnett employees.