EFLA's specialists in a mission at Litli Hrútur eruption


Areal photo of Litli Hrútur volcano

On July 16th, 2023 a team of specialists from EFLA Consulting Engineers joined a group of scientists in a mission to the eruption at Litli Hrútur on the Reykjanes peninsula in Iceland.

Purpose of the mission

The purpose of the mission was to measure the composition of the emission cloud as well as to measure the pollution from the moss fires that have been ongoing in the area since the eruption started on July 10th 2023.

The fires and unfavorable wind direction are among the main concerns of the civil protection authorities, causing them to close off public access to the trails for several days.

The scientists come from the Icelandic Meteorological Office (IMO), University of Iceland, University of Leeds, University of New Mexico and Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, Atmospheric Chemistry Lab. EFLA's specialists performed photogrammetry missions in the area to inspect a possible tunnel collapse between the eruption and Mount Keilir. Specialists from Svarmi assisted the Leeds team and specialists from the Icelandic Space Agency along with IMO scientists made sure that the project was running smoothly and efficiently.

A map that shows the area around litli Hrútur

In this rendering we can see how the ground has moved around the Volcano and where the lava sill reaches Mt.Keilir. This visualisation is still being worked on and is still guesstimated data of movement of about 70 centimetres. The lava sill is at around depth of 300 meters.

Team outside at Litli Hrútur eruption area