A protective barrier from the lava flow


A high voltage lines wtih lava around it.

EFLA ´ s specialists created a protective barrier for the high-voltage lines in the line known as Svartsengi. The protective barrier was vital in the eruption on the Reykjanes peninsula last week, as the photos below clearly demonstrate. 

Prevent from collapsing

When the first eruption began on the Reykjanes peninsula, work began to design possible defenses for Suðurnesjalína 1 in case of lava flowing towards the Reykjanesbraut, the road from the international airport in Keflavik to Reykjavik. After the eruption in December last year, Landsnet also started work on protecting its towers in cooperation with experts at EFLA.  

The importance of these protections was evident last week when the towers and their surroundings were exposed to lava flow. Two of them have lava encircling them, but the protections prevent them from collapsing. 

EFLA´s staff, in collaboration with Landsnet, are also working on installing a new line across the area where the lava streamed. They expect to finish this work in the next few weeks.