West Corridor Project, 420 kv

Statnett is working to reinforce and expand the main grid in the South West of Norway. EFLA is responsible for the design of the all foundations, towers and hardware.

About this Project



From Feda (south) to Sauda (north)


The project's objective

Statnett is now building several power lines in the Vestre korridor, an area that extends from Feda on the south coast to Sauda in western Norway. The power lines will improve the security of supply in the area and strengthen the network for HVDC link to Germany.
EFLA is responsible for the mechanical design of the towers and foundations, and complete electromechanical design of the conductors, insulators and fittings for the following powerlines:

  • 420 kV Ertsmyra - Kvinesdal, 50 km
  • 420 kV Duge - Lyse, 20 km
  • 420 kV Lyse - Tjørhom - Ertsmyra, 50 km
  • 420 kV Ertsmyra - Fjotland, 25 km
  • 420 kV Sauda - Lyse, 90 km

In addition, comes over twenty reroutings of lines into ten new stations 

Environmental issues

The client is responsible for route selection, impact assessment, building application and environmental and transport plan. This describes, among other things, site camp locations, drum and winch sites, access roads for construction, warehouses and pre-assembly sites, as well as access possibilities and helicopter transport of crew and materials.

In the development, there should be as few interventions in the environment as possible. Material consumption for standardized masts and foundations in steel and concrete is optimized in the design process using specially developed macros at EFLA.

Service Components

EFLA's role

  • Construction Planning
  • Mechanical design and optimization of towers and foundations, including development of new strength classes
  • Mechanical design of the reinforcement for existing towers and foundations
  • Thermal uprating of existing power lines
  • Electromechanical design of conductors, insulators and hardware
  • Participation in FAT (factory acceptance tests) and tower assembly inspections
  • Site supervision and inspections

 "We are pleased with the deliveries from EFLA, they deliver good quality and good work. We experience EFLA as solution-oriented, efficient and reliable."

Statnett's review
of EFLA's performance