Landsnet's transmission system operator's System Plan

Each year, Iceland's transmission system operator's Landsnet publishes Kerfisáætlun (System Plan). The plan includes studies of the transmission system, and a project plan for the next years, plus some future scenarios of the evolution of the transmission system.

EFLA has been a major consultant in this project each year, and has made many of the system studies that the System Plan is based on. 

About this Project


Recurrent each year



The project's objective

The System Plan presents both short and long term planned projects, and several system studies are made for different scenarios in the plan. EFLA is a major consultant, works closely with Landsnet, and has made many of the system analyses presented. Also, EFLA has done some macroeconimic analyses for the plan. 

Environmental issues

No environmental issues are connected with EFLAs work, as most of the work is done inside the office, but Landsnet has to make environmental analysis for the plan itself. 

EFLA's role

  • Consultancy
  • System analyses and system studies
  • Macroeconomic analyses