Arctic circle

The 2022 Arctic Circle Assembly will be held in Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre, Reykjavík, Iceland, on 13th-16th October.

EFLA engineers are hosting a session on Friday 14th, from 08:30-09:25.


Location: Akrafjall, Harpa Fourth Level


  • Is the answer blowing in the wind?
    - Kristinn A. Ormsson
  • Strong Winds in the North?
    - Stefan Wallentin
  • Harvesting the wind
    - Unnur M. Thorvaldsdóttir


Kristinn Arnar Ormsson

Is the answer blowing in the wind?
Finding the most favorable 
locations for wind power in Iceland regarding social, environmental,
and technical factors.

Kristinn A. Ormsson

EFLA Consulting Engineers, Iceland

Electrical Power Engineer - Specialist

Speakers BIO: Kristinn Arnar Ormsson has a master's degree in Electrical Power Engineering from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. He joined EFLA Consulting Engineers a year ago while parallelly writing his master's thesis. He received the best master thesis award in 2021 from the Swedish chapters of IEEE Power & Energy (PE) and Power Electronics (PELS). At EFLA, Kristinn has specialized in energy markets, analysis of the power grid and projects related to wind power. This experience has given him a broad view of the current challenges of wind power production in Iceland. Furthermore, Kristinn's previous experience working at hydroelectric power stations in the south of Iceland provides him with valuable hands-on insight into various aspects of Iceland's electric power production industry.

About the presentation: EFLA consulting engineers have been consulting on wind-related projects for a decade. EFLAs presentation will cover various projects related to municipal planning and strategies, experience and lessons learned from those projects. The most recent example is a recent analysis prepared for Múlaþing municipality, where the final product was a prerequisite report for the municipality to assess locations etc.

The big question here remains. Do we want all municipalities to set their strategies, or do we want a broader national system connected to climate goals, energy policy and vision toward a more sustainable future?


Strong Winds in the North?
Challenges of Windfarm Development, Construction, and Operation in Subarctic Lands

Stefan Wallentin

Wpd, Germany
Head of Project Development

Speakers BIO: Dr. Stefan Wallentin, head of Project Development, has over 12 years of experience in renewable energies. He led the development and construction of more than 500 MW wind energy projects in international markets for wpd. From 2019-2022 sent from Germany to Chile as program manager for the construction of a 370MW wind energy project portfolio, which was successfully completed in early 2022. Since then, leading the project development for wpd in different international markets, among others for Iceland. He holds a PhD. degree and a postgraduate in energy economics.

About the presentation: A general overview from an experienced German wind power project developer. Specific examples related to the main challenges today for onshore wind power. Social and environmental impacts. Recent changes in the regulations about wind power (Renewable Energy Act (EEG)) have changed the dynamics of wind power development in Germany. What were these changes' social and environmental impacts, and how can Iceland learn from them? What is wpd's vision for the future?


Harvesting the Wind

Unnur Maria Thorvaldsdottir

National Power Company, Iceland
Director, Wind Development

Speakers BIO: Unnur Maria Thorvaldsdottir, Director of Wind Development – Landsvirkjun, joined the Landsvirkjun team in 2007. She is the Director of Wind Development at Landsvirkjun and has extensive experience working with business development, quality and project management within the IT, finance, and energy sector. Unnur holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Royal School of Technology in Stockholm and a Master's Degree in E-Commerce.

About the presentation: A general overview of the experiences of the biggest power producer in Iceland. Experimental project in the south of Iceland, lessons learned, bigger projects in the pipelines, future vision, etc.? How can we harness wind power while maintaining the social and environmental balance?



Björt Ólafsdóttir

Former Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources of Iceland, former chairperson of Bright Future political party and member of the current task force for wind power utilisation in Iceland.