Research and business development

In the fast-paced fields of engineering and construction technology, no two projects are the same. Effective research, innovation and business development are all critical components in EFLA's on-going mission to become a leader in these areas.


Much of the responsibility for achieving this aim lies with EFLA's team of research and innovation, comprised of engineers, scientists, technicians and other professionals. It is likewise responsible for the operation of the company's specialist in-house laboratory.


EFLA aims at assessing, improving and implementing promising business ideas that can be of advantage to the coalition, the company and associated companies. The main goal is to strengthen the present operations of the coalition within both the domestic and international markets, as well as developing business in new markets. 

EFLA develops new operational centres within Europe, with the main emphasis on basic infrastructure and power plants, including, but not limited to, traditional design consulting, project management and supervision, as well as the development of projects that use renewable energy sources.