EFLA's culture

EFLA must appoint competent, experienced and motivated staff in diverse fields. It is essential to give employees room to develop in their work and show independence and initiative. In this way, everyone shares responsibility, and we emphasize purposeful teamwork.

Social responsibility and a mindset of innovation in work are among the focal points in EFLA's culture. All employees are an essential link in the business, and each person's contribution is vital to the company's success.

At the end of 2022, 404 persons worked in 322 full-time positions at EFLA hf and subsidiaries, i.e. staff in Iceland and abroad. In addition, there were 13 interns and 45 summer students. EFLA's team has a diverse education, and the staff's education level is very high, but more than 90% have a university education. The staff has comprehensive knowledge of engineering, technology and various other disciplines. At EFLA, the gender ratio is such that 36% of the team are women and 64% of the staff are men, and the number of women increased by almost 5% between years. None of EFLA's staff is registered as gender-neutral. EFLA's policy is to increase the share of women and neutral genders, e.g. through new hires and training. The average working age is just over seven years, and the average life expectancy of employees is almost 42 years. The age range of EFLA's staff is vast, from 19 to 78 years.

The well-being of the staff is essential, and we emphasize an excellent work ethic based on psychological safety and good teamwork. There must be trust in teams where staff can speak their minds sincerely and constructively exchange ideas and methods. Teamwork and shared responsibility encourage cooperation as staff look to each other and share their knowledge and experience. During the year, EFLA updated the policy against bullying, sexual and gender-based harassment and violence (EKKO) along with procedures, and staff received training on good communication in the workplace, for example.

Bullying and harassment are not tolerated at EFLA and identified persons at all establishments have received training and play a role in dealing with such issues that may arise. EFLA made efforts to accommodate staff as best as possible by increasing flexibility, homework, improved information flow and education, to name a few examples.

EFLA bases equality and equal pay policy on the fundamental idea that all employees enjoy equality, regardless of gender, origin or religion. EFLA received equivalent pay certification according to the equal pay standard ÍST 85:2012 in 2019, and the certification was renewed in 2022 with a validity period until 2025. One of EFLA's goals is that the wage difference does not exceed 1%. The results of the last salary analysis showed that the unexplained salary difference was about 1% to the disadvantage of women. Still, at EFLA, no one has requested a gender-neutral registration, and therefore the comparison is only between two genders, i.e. men and women.

EFLA is concerned about the security of personally identifiable information of its customers and staff and is dedicated to ensuring the reliability, confidentiality and security of work within the company. EFLA works according to the current privacy legislation and privacy policy.

EFLA encourages employees to lead a healthy lifestyle and environmentally friendly means of travel. In light of this, EFLA has endeavoured to create facilities at establishments where possible, to make this possible for employees in physical fitness and travel to and from work, as well as offering financial support for physical education and health. In 2022, about 68% of the staff received a sports or exercise grant, and about 23% had signed a transport contract. EFLA carries out annual health checks for those who choose to do so, and a flu shot is offered, among other things. EFLA's headquarters have good facilities for staff sports activities, yoga classes, strength training and primal, have been available and facilities for health massages. EFLA has also received gold certification as a bike-friendly workplace. The certification encourages workplaces to improve the facilities for cyclists, both for customers and staff, thus encouraging more people to choose environmentally friendly and healthy means of travel in their daily lives.

EFLA prides itself on fostering the health and well-being of its employees and has been in the group of health-promoting workplaces in Iceland since 2020. It is a project run by the Swedish National Medical Examiner's Office, the Labor Inspectorate and VIRK. A health-promoting workplace is a joint project of employers, staff and society, including social, mental and physical factors contributing to a person's well-being.

Every year, EFLA evaluates the status per the Ministry of Land Health and VIRK criteria, and the staff's experience is called for in an annual workplace survey. The project aims to create an environment and conditions in the staff's working environment that promote a healthy lifestyle, health and well-being by emphasizing nutrition, exercise, minimizing stress, and improving the environment and communication.

EFLA runs an excellent canteen at its headquarters. There, staff can, for a small fee, eat a good and nutritious lunch, in addition to which staff are offered daily fresh fruit, crispbread, butter and cheese free of charge. In the canteen, staff also have access to a server website that shows the carbon footprint of all meals and the nutrient content
of each meal. This way, our chefs can adjust meals according to nutrition and inform staff.

AG_AR_LK_02-copyEFLA performs regular workplace surveys. The surveys ask about various issues related to the well-being and experience of employees in their work environment. Job satisfaction at EFLU is measured regularly throughout the year, and it has increased steadily in recent years, and this trend will continue in 2022. The innovation was introduced this year to measure the dedication of staff in collaboration with Gallup. We base that measurement on 12 key factors relating to staff well-being and operational aspects. Emphasis continued to be placed on working specifically with the health and well-being of employees and career development conversations tailored to the priorities of the company's strategy. Then all teams reviewed the results and chose 2-3 items to work on.

EFLA has always made an effort to offer its staff flexible working hours, which not only came in handy in the unusual circumstances that followed the pandemic but also to meet the different needs of staff. Emphasis is placed on the team's ability to maintain a good balance between work and private life, and efforts are always made to meet staff needs due to situations that may arise in their personal lives.

Öflungur is the staff association of EFLU in Iceland, and it is safe to say that the social activities of the staff are highly diverse. It is emphasized that events meet the different needs of staff and that they are family-friendly. Öflung's role is, among other things, to work on the sports, social and cultural issues of the staff and to strengthen their collaboration and cooperation. All staff have a choice as to whether they want to be in the staff union, and almost all EFLU staff are members. There was a lot of growth in Öflung's work during the year, as there was a tremendous and cumulative need for staff to meet and be happy together after the restrictions due to the pandemic.

Sumarstarfsfolk2022-1920x1080SECURITY AND RISK ASSESSMENT
Employee safety is a priority at EFLU, and the company strives to create a safe and healthy working environment for its employees. There is extensive collaboration with staff on hazards, risk assessment, prevention and education. EFLA emphasizes open communication about occupational health and safety, and suggestions and improvement proposals are called for. Staff are also always encouraged to take care of their safety and that of other staff. Risk assessments and job descriptions have been made for all main jobs at EFLU, both within the office and for work at different workshops. All necessary safety equipment is available for staff and is CE marked. To increase safety awareness and reduce risk, workers must screen for hazards when entering the job site, using an intelligent app that includes a short list of essential safety items and precautions.

Safety committees are active at all EFLU establishments. On the one hand, the safety committees consist of safety trustees elected by the staff, and on the other hand, security guards selected by EFLU. The primary role of safety committees is to work on improved equipment, hygiene practices and safety in all the company's activities and to monitor that measures in this area are implemented and produce the desired results. They are also responsible for monitoring safety equipment, establishing safety systems, and fire safety. The committees actively participate in all major decisions regarding EFLA's security issues.

EFLA is an approved service provider by the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority and collaborates with Heilsuvernd to provide integrated occupational health and safety services. All applicable laws and regulations are followed in EFLU's activities, such as the law on labour protection and general legislation on labour market issues. By far, the most significant part of EFLU's staff has chosen to be in trade unions. EFLA declares that the company is entirely against all forced and slave labour and child slavery.

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