Sustainability Report

EFLA has published Sustainability reports since 2015 with information about the company's success and progress. Among the information in the report are EFLA's measurable environmental goals, projects related to social responsibility, social settlements and published vital figures on environmental factors.

Table of contents

  • EFLA's success
    EFLA's awards and recognitions in 2022.
  • Project 2022
    EFLA has introduced and implemented innovation based on an ecological approach.
  • EFLA's culture
    EFLA must appoint competent, experienced and motivated staff in diverse fields.
  • Environmental Goals and Achievements in Iceland
    EFLA works according to an environmental, safety and transport policy and has set itself a goal to reduce the negative environmental impact of its activities.
  • EGS Community Settlement EFLA
    EFLA publishes a social settlement for the second time in its social report based on UFS guidelines from Nasdaq, the Icelandic Chamber of Commerce and others.

EFLA - anything possible

Sæmundur SæmundssonEverything is subject to change, and it is safe to say that we live in a time of constant and rapid change. There are many reasons for the changes; some we foresee, while others are unexpected. Thus, for many years, we have anticipated changes in the atmosphere and nature due to climate changes. Few, however, predicted a war would break out in Europe last year. In both cases, these are human-caused changes that lead to increased dangers and disasters for millions if not acted upon. Humanity has certainly responded to global warming, but most agree that those responses are too slow, weak, or not targeted enough. Several countries have responded to Ukraine's call for help in the war with Russia, but many also criticize that the response needs to be faster, stronger, and more targeted.

Both climate change and the war in Ukraine have sharpened the focus on the importance of the world's nations using technology and knowledge to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Although Iceland is in an ideal position when it comes to green energy sources and can be a leader in that field, we have not been active enough for the past few years. Now it has come to the point where we can face an energy shortage in the coming years. At the same time, as our neighbours in Europe face sky-high energy prices and must even compromise their goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, there are many indications that Iceland will not achieve its goals for 2030 to reduce emissions and need to act much faster to achieve the goals for 2040.

We have spent the last decade debating whether and where to harness but have yet to make decisions. Lack of decisiveness is becoming our worst enemy. As a society, we must dare to make decisions, find ways that the majority are satisfied with, and then become the leading nation in using green energy that we have all the means to be.

At EFLA, we are fortunate to have experts in many fields of knowledge who have been leaders in finding new, green solutions. EFLA takes its social responsibility seriously and has set challenging goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste. These challenges apply to our operations and our projects with our clients. They show how we can contribute as part of a larger whole. Everything is possible because there is nothing as powerful as collective power when dealing with large and complex projects.

From now on, EFLA plans to be a pioneer in solving urgent problems in community projects. EFLA's Sustainability report intends to show in black and white what goals we have set for ourselves and our success in all areas of the company's operations. Information and transparency are critical factors in the process of socially responsible companies.

Sæmundur Sæmundsson