Risk management

ISO 31000, Project risk management, opportunity assessment, Risk analyses, vulnerability assessments, transportation infrastructure. Work environment, job safety, Security risk, safety control systems, ISO 18001, Fire risk, ISO 14001

As risk management experts in projects and organizations, EFLA sets up a well-functioning risk management framework and helps implement it at every level. This is done by a structured and continuous process that can be applied in projects as well as in ongoing operations. 


EFLA employs experts in ISO 31000 and other risk management standards, who work with processes that enable organization to better understand and manage their risks.

EFLA's specialists help companie's management to set up frameworks and guidelines for risk management and to make risk management a natural and integrated part of the business. EFLA has experience in working with organizations of all sizes and within a wide range of business areas.

Effective risk management

EFLA's risk management team works with companies and organizations to achieve their goals through effective risk management.

Among services provided are

  • Risk management systems acc. ISO 31000
  • Project risk management and opportunity assessment
  • Risk analyses and vulnerability assessments for transportation infrastructure
  • Work environment and job safety analyses
  • Security risk analyses and management
  • Design of safety control systems acc. ISO 18001
  • Design of business continuity systems
  • Fire risk assessments
  • Environmental risk assessments and Environmental Management Systems (EMS) acc. ISO 14001