Public transport​

Pedestrians, cyclist, rural area, urban area, Transit station, Travel

EFLA focuses on making public transport safer and more effective, as is crystallized in the company's public transport design and solutions. 

These measures contribute to increased use of public transport, but that mode of transportation is known to have a positive impact on social and environmental factors.


Layout and design of bus lanes, priority driving, transit stations and traffic centres are examples of actions that are important when developing and planning public transport systems.

EFLA's interdisciplinary team has extensive knowledge on analyses and making proposals assessing the impact of various infrastructure (e.g. road construction and development projects) on public transport, including accessibility studies and measures.

Public transport systems

Planning and design of public transport systems span a wide range of measures such as collective fields, transit stations, terminals and discussion of operational concepts. Social and environmental aspects ensure safety, efficiency, comfort and travel optimization.

Among services provided are 

  •  Analysis and design of public transport network
  • Planning and design of public transport facilities
  • Planning and design according to universal design
  • Analysis and design of the interaction between pedestrians, cyclist and public transport in rural and urban areas