Ports and Coasts

Feasibility and environmental studies, Conceptual port planning, Coastal engineering. Dredging, land reclamation, Project tendering, Construction supervision, Infrastructure, Sea, Harbor

Ports are pivotal nodes in the global multimodal transport system, and function as logistics centers for the flow of containers, cargo, and passengers. They are favorite locations for value-added activities wherein industries operate. Ports have prominent status in the supply chain and economy of countries.


Increasing demand on the maritime trade and utilization of economies of scale by shipping companies have imposed pressure on ports' infrastructure, operation, and services. Ports have always been evolving to satisfy the new or changing demands of stakeholders.

Furthermore, about 40% of the world's population lives within 100 kilometres of the coast. Coastal communities benefit from proximity to coastal and marine resources as well as the economic advantages of ports. However, coasts have been increasingly experiencing natural hazards and extreme events from the sea.

EFLA Consulting Engineers has worked on various national and international projects in:

  1. Port planning and engineering
  2. Coastal engineering and management

EFLA strives to contribute to:

  • Sustainable ports: to improve ports' performance and be responsible for the natural environment and the surrounding community.
  • Flexible port: to adapt ports' operations and services to new or changing requirements
  • Resilient port: to enhance business continuity and functionality of ports during disruptions
  • Smart port: to increase the efficiency and safety of ports

Among the services provided are:

  • Port and coastal feasibility studies
  • Conceptual port planning and design
  • Port infrastructure planning and design
  • Port operation and maintenance
  • Port logistics and hinterland connection
  • Energy transition in ports
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Dredging and land reclamation
  • Project tendering and procurement
  • Project management and consultancy
  • Construction supervision
  • Coastal structure and shore protection design
  • Numerical simulation of coastal hydrodynamic and processes
  • Coastal management strategies