​Electrical and street lighting systems

Street lighting, Walkways lighting, Lighting on bridges, Lighting in tunnels, Lighting in underpasses, Effect lighting of buildings and structures, Lighting design, Architecture lighting, Light

EFLA has been involved in various design of street lighting systems, including for walkways, highways, bridges, underpasses, tunnels and more. 

EFLA has designed and supervised new street lighting systems, as well as strengthened existing systems in various conditions.


EFLA has extensive experience in the design of ducting systems, electrical cabling, street lighting, walkway lighting, bridge and tunnel lighting, effect lighting and more.

Lighting design

EFLA has performed different street lighting design and calculations, and been involved in all relevant disciplines, including lighting on streets, walkways and bridges, in underpasses and in tunnels, in addition to effect lighting of buildings and structures.

Among services provided are 

  • Street lighting
  • Walkways lighting
  • Lighting on bridges
  • Lighting in tunnels
  • Lighting in underpasses
  • Effect lighting of buildings and structures