Wearing course. Run- and taxiways, Aprons, Service roads, Airport ground, Apron lighting, Security and access control systems, Surveillance camera systems, Telecommunications, Structural design, Parking lots, Aerodrome, Asphalt concrete, Runway

EFLA takes part in aerodrome designs, gives environmental impact advice, monitors the condition of the wearing courses (asphalt concrete), supervises installations of asphalt concrete on runways and consults on sound and noise distribution for aerodromes.


EFLA provides comprehensive counselling in the field of electrical and security systems, as well as lighting of air terminal buildings. 

Planning and traffic control for parking facilities at airports have also been of high focus.

Counselling on airports' design, development and operation

Due to rapid growth in air traffic, the importance of good organization and efficiency of airport operations are becoming more essential. EFLA provides comprehensive counselling on the development, design and operation of airports.

Among services provided are

  • Monitoring and supervision of wearing course conditions and renewal
  • Design of run- and taxiways
  • Design of aprons and service roads
  • Design of airport ground lighting systems
  • Design of apron lighting
  • Design of security and access control systems
  • Design of surveillance camera systems
  • Design of telecommunications systems
  • Structural design consultancy
  • Acoustics - noise distribution
  • Access control of parking lots
  • Planning of traffic network at airport proximity
  • Counselling on environmental impacts and air quality