INSTA 800:2010 Certified supervision

INSTA 800:2010 Certified supervision – Cleaning quality is a measuring system for assessment and ration of cleaning quality.

INSTA is a Nordic cleaning standard where the quality is measured in standardized inspections. 


EFLA is certified and qualified for consultance according to INSTA 800:2010, structuring cleaning sevices for the client, defining quality and intensity and performing inspection. 

Standardized inspections

Using certified supervision for cleaning measurements minimizes any debate of the result for the owner and the contractor and the outcome is achieved immediately after the inspection. 

Among services provided are

  • Consultation
  • External inspection

For instance EFLA has been the main consultant for a new tender according to INSTA 800 at Leifur Eiríksson Air Terminal in Keflavík and is working as an external inpector.