Construction management

Structures such as buildings, roads, airports, bridges etc., need management and careful planning when building, modifying or maintaining. 


EFLA has expertise in every field when it comes to planning, engineering and execution of structural work. 

The Construction manager is the key person in successful execution of a construction project. He must have the right experience, knowledge and overview to uphold the right momentum and gain the right authority from his associates. EFLA can by selection meet this requirement in any scale of a constructon project.

Planning, engineering and execution

Our staff is highly experienced when it comes to plan, engineering or execute any structural work. 

Among services provided are

  • Construction supervision
  • Licensed foremen at building sites
  • Site management 
  • Supervision management and control 
  • Field supervisors (Field Engineering)
  • Building Manager
  • EHS management and supervision
  • Pre-operation and commissioning management