​Data and telecommunications

Telecommunicate, Electrical system, Computer system, Operational equipment

Telecommunications form the basis of all operational equipment to ensure that computer systems are of maximum benefit to the users. Specialised electrical systems are increasingly becoming a larger part of construction projects.


With several years' experience in this highly specialised and demanding field, EFLA provides clients with the services of a dedicated telecommunications and data distribution team, specialising in telecommunications, electrical systems, fiber optic systems and data centres. The team addresses issues ranging from safety and security to the provision of specialised training in systems.

Whether a part of a larger project or independent of other design factors, EFLA provides a customised range of advice and solutions focused on the design of data distribution centres, computer rooms, computer space, offices and industrial construction.

By combining the expertise of the company's telecommunications and data distribution team with the skills of its other core areas, EFLA is able to coordinate project design and maximise efficiency, resulting in the provision of first-class, flexible and cost-effective services.

Telecommunications projects

EFLA has worked on several telecommunications projects and been involved in all relevant disciplines such as fiber optic systems, data centers, telecommunications and other specialised electrical systems.

Among services provided are

  • Telecommunications
  • Specialised electrical systems
  • Data centres
  • Fiber optic systems
  • FTTH