​Fibre optic systems

EFLA has provided telecommunications companies, power companies, municipalities, etc. services in the field of fibre optic systems and related projects.

EFLA has participated in fibre optic projects, large and small, all over Iceland in recent years.


EFLA's goal is to serve the customer on a broad basis with consulting and design on fibre optic systems.

EFLA's specialists have years of experience in consulting companies and organizations and have worked on various projects related to fibre optic systems in Iceland and Norway. Their experience enables the company to provide comprehensive services in smaller as well as larger projects.

Knowledge and comprehensive service

In view of wide and multifaceted knowledge of telecommuni­cations systems and fibre optic issues, EFLA can handle most issues related to the installation of fibre optic and fibre optic systems.

Among services provided are

  • Consulting in the field of fibre optics
  • Design of fibre optic systems
  • Applications to government agencies and stakeholders
  • Tenders and contracts with contractors
  • Surveillance
  • Final assessment