Water and wastewater

Water wells, Water distribution, Collective systems, Renewal, Pumping stations, Storage tanks, Pipe systems, Stormwater solutions, Tourist industry in remote locations, Dry toilets, Sewage pumping stations, Sewerege, Treatment plants, Sewerage, Freshwater

Reliable water and wastewater infrastructure is essential for modern society. 

EFLA is a leading consultant in all aspects of both freshwater and wastewater.


Freshwater in Iceland is harvested from the ground without treatment and used directly to produce food, including seafood and beverages. Therefore, quality is very important at all stages.

Sustainable stormwater solutions are an important part of safe wastewater systems. They make sure combined systems do not overflow and return water to its natural paths.

Safe and sustainable solutions

EFLA's experts can tackle complicated challenges and find solutions that fulfill the requirements of the future.

Among services provided are

  • Design of water wells
  • Design of water distribution and collective systems and renewal of old systems
  • Design of pumping stations and storage tanks
  • Controlling and equipment in pumping stations and treatment facilities
  • Modelling of pipe systems and design in 3D
  • Stormwater solutions and treatment of stormwater
  • Water and wastewater solutions for the tourist industry in remote locations ? dry toilets
  • Sewage pumping stations, treatment plants and outlets
  • Predesign of pipe systems along with local planning
  • Consulting in the water and wastewater sector on the national level