UAV, UAS, Unmanned system, Drone, Remote sensing

Aerial inspection and monitoring using an unmanned aerial system (UAS), or so-called drones, is a new way of carrying out infrastructure inspections, mapping projects and do condition assessments. 

EFLA's drone services offer actionable data in a safe, precise and economical way.


With specialized knowledge and reliable working methods, EFLA offers services to support civil engineering and infrastructure development, urban and agricultural planning, environmental assessment and planning, as well as asset inspections and maintenance support.

Drone services can improve planning and decision making process. Aerial inspections give information about an asset's condition. Making the right decision at the right time on a regular basis, will allow the asset to retain its long-term value. 

EFLA's three-step drone process consists of collecting precise data, analysing the information gathered, and a drafting of an action plan.

Three step workflow process

Three step process drones

Among services provided are

  • Live power line and substations inspections, no shutdown is needed
  • Thermal imaging inspections, e.g. electrical overheating
  • Industrial plant inspections, e.g. roof defects detection and concrete defects
  • Thermal inspections on roofs or solar panels
  • Industrial buildings inspection, e.g. roof defects detection and concrete defects
  • Utilities inspections, e.g. cooling towers or chimney and pipes
  • Engineering structures inspection, e.g. bridges and dams
  • Building moisture management and roof defects detection
  • Wind turbine inspections
  • Dam inspections, e.g. micro cracks and erosion
  • Mapping and aerial imagery for planning purposes