​Power system planning and analysis

PSS/EP, SL-CAD, CEDEGS from SEStech, ATM-EMTP, Load flow, Short circuit, Dynamic simulation, Q-V studies, Least cost planning, Stability analysis, Power transmission system, Electrical power

Power transmission systems are complicated systems that must safely transmit electrical power. They must be reliable and in continuous operation. Advise in the field of power systems requires specialization and experience, which EFLA's consulting engineers have.


EFLA has over 40 years of experience in power systems expansion planning, technical-economic analysis of transmission system and least cost planning.

EFLA has broad experience in the use of specialized programs such as PSS/E, including load flow studies, short circuit studies and dynamic simulation of power systems. Furthermore, EFLA does analysis of compensation by shunt, series capacitors and Q-V studies.

Preparing for challenges

Comprehensive analysis and design of transmission and distribution systems are important for companies that transmit and distribute electricity, so they can prepare for today's and future challenges.

Among services provided are

  • PSS/E
  • CEDEGS from SEStech Canada
  • Load flow
  • Short circuit
  • Dynamic simulation
  • Q-V studies
  • Least cost planning
  • Stability analysis