Energy forecasts

Forecast committee, Electricity forecast, Geothermal forecast, Fossil fuels

The Energy Forecast Committee has for decades prepared energy forecasts for all main energy sources used in Iceland such as electricity, geothermal and fossil fuels.


Members of the forecast committee are from the energy sector, Statistics Iceland and Registers Iceland. EFLA has been the main consultant in this work from 1987 and has managed the project. Forecast for each sector are publish about every five years but electricity forecast is recalculated each year. Three working groups act under the committee; the electricity forecast, the geothermal forecast and the fossil fuel forecast working groups.

Valuable information

Reliable energy forecasts are of utmost importance as an input into all development plans for the energy sector.

Among services provided are 

  • Project management of the Energy Forecast Committee
  • Preparation of energy statistics
  • Model development
  • Preparation of forecasts