​Fire and safety engineering

By their nature, fire safety design and risk management require a delicate balance between client needs and the stringent demands of local codes, legislation and the types of construction materials chosen.

EFLA provides integrated comprehensive services for all levels of risk analysis and management relating to risk to people, assets and services.


EFLA develops practical, cost-effective strategies to manage these risks on a holistic level. 

Extensive experience of projects conducted in several countries under a wide range of demanding conditions enables EFLA to offer performance-based consulting on projects of all types and scale, ranging from underground structures to high-rise buildings.

Safe and cost-effective solutions

Through performance-based fire safety engineering, calculation and experience, safe and cost-effective solutions can be achieved for the benefit of the client and future users.

Among services provided are

  • Fire safety engineering
  • Fire safety management and education
  • Structural fire safety
  • Fire prevention and control systems
  • Means of escape analysis
  • Emergency management planning and training
  • Risk management and technical risk assessment
  • Project risk analysis and coordination
  • Security risk analysis
  • Explosion simulation