Traffic monitoring with a drone, Iceland

EFLA was asked to perform traffic counting and analysis for the intersection of Vesturlandsvegur and Borgarbaut in Borgarnes. EFLA used a drone to perform this study.

About this Project

Vegagerðin - the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration

April-June 2017

Borgarnes, Iceland


The project's objective

The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration hired EFLA to perform traffic counting and analysis for the intersection of Vesturlandsvegur and Borgarbraut in Borgarnes, West-Iceland.

The primary objectives of the study were:

  • To collect traffic data during peak time, identify the peak hour, and analyse and categorize the traffic.
  • To calculate the performance of the intersection for current traffic volumes.

EFLA used a drone to conduct the study. A drone offers great advantages for this kind of study, because the analysis done is much more thorough than regular traffic counts, as it tracks origin and destination for every vehicle, and offers the ability to analyse and view traffic patterns from video recordings.

The client wanted to collect precise traffic data in a 15-min flow and identify the peak hour. EFLA used an octocopter drone to monitor the intersection for 2 hours and post-processed the videos to analyse traffic data.

Environmental issues

In compliance with low emission rates (low noise, no gas emissions)

EFLA's role

EFLA performed traffic analysis for the intersection by using a new technology to collect and post-process the data, by using a drone and an advanced traffic software.

"Traffic studies are an essential basis for traffic forecasts. The use of drones and cameras facilitates work on counting and traffic classification. Drone monitoring and post processing software used for data analysis provides additional information such as speed and behaviour of road users. 

EFLA's staff showed professionalism regarding the regulatory environment and the use of drone." 

Erna Hreinsdóttir
Project Manager, Vegagerðin

The project's long term benefits

Greater results in less time compared to manual traffic counting at intersections and roundabouts. New projects will also offer vehicle speed measurements and pedestrian counting.

Umferðargreining með dróna í Borgarnesi