The light bridge in Kópavogur

The bridge in Fífuhvammsvegur connects Iceland's largest shopping mall, Smáralind, with the commercial and office tower at Smáratorg plaza. The area is densely populated and this zone is one of Iceland's busiest.

The lighting design's main objective was to enrich the bridge and its surroundings with appealing warmth and decoration lighting. Therefore, the design is programmable and colour and intensity can be adapted for different intention. 

About this Project

Town of Kópavogur, Iceland 

2006 - 2015 

Fífuhvammsvegur at Smáratorg, Kópavogur Iceland


The project's objective

The bridge's lighting design and changing colours serve as a powerful communication tool, directly linked to Iceland's cultural, religious, political and social influences. Lighting design can be used to communicate with people and make an impression, and the bridge reminds the city dwellers of times of joy and celebration, and honours special events. Pre-programmed scenes are set in place for fixed events such as Christmas, Easter and Iceland's Independence Day, and in case of unexpected events, new scenes can easily be programmed and colours changed accordingly. For example, the bridge is illuminated in pink during the last days of October as a reminder and a symbol of women's breast cancer awareness. Following the terrorist attacks in France in 2015, support and empathy were expressed by having France's national flag colours light the tunnel.

As is essential for a project like the Kópavogur bridge, mock-ups with different lighting equipment and testing on-site were carried out during the final design process, when fixtures and control equipment were evaluated. As a result, OSRAM lighting equipment was chosen and LED RGBW fixtures were integrated to the existing structure.

The lighting allows for a variety of scene settings. For the bridge ceiling, adaptable OSRAM RGBW light fixtures were chosen which are controlled in the same way. Helvar DIGIDIM 920 DALI/DXM Controller is used for lighting control amd DMX/RGB lamps and DALI LED transformers connected to the unit.

The lighting design for the bridge recieved the Icelandic lighting design award in 2015.

Service Components

EFLA's role

  • Lighting design

Lysebruen Kópavogur 1

Lysebruen Kópavogur 2

Lysebruen Kópavogur 3

Lysebruen Kópavogur 4