Lighting design, transportation, Norway

The project included roads, underpasses, bridges and walkways lighting design, as well as effect lighting in roundabouts and underpasses.

About this Project

Statens Vegvesen, Region nord, Norway


Harstad, Norway


The project's objective

The work involved designing effective lighting on roads, walkways and cycling trails on a recurred road through the Harstad urban area. Decorative lighting was also designed in underpasses and in the centre of roundabouts. All lighting was designed with LED lighting according to Norwegian standards.

In an underpass for pedestrians and cyclists, the lighting was designed behind the walls covered with wooden strips and illuminated rings over the corridors.

A walkway and cycling bridge, built over a roundabout, were designed with LED luminaires installed in handrails on both sides of the bridge. All stairs in the underpasses and the bridges were designed with electric-cable-snow melting system.

In the centre of the roundabouts, LED lighting was installed on wooden poles as a decorative lighting.

Environmental issues

EFLA's specialists strove to make the lighting well suited to the environment, to be energy-efficient and to minimize light pollution in the area.

EFLA's role

  • Consulting
  • Design of electrical and lighting systems
  • Design of decorative LED lighting in the underpass and in the centre of roundabouts
  • Design of snow melting systems with electrical cables