Hringbraut footbridges, Reykjavík

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EFLA and Studio Granda architects won a competition staged by the City of Reykjavík and the Icelandic Road Administration, for the design of three pedestrian bridges as part of a major overhaul of the city's traffic system. The project also included the design of foot- and cycle paths. 

About this Project

Icelandic Road Administration, City of Reykjavík

Studio Granda architects


Reykjavík, Iceland


The project's objective

Sweeping gracefully across two of central Reykjavík's main traffic arteries, the three concrete bridges have attracted well-deserved attention for their elegant lines and streamlined construction. Their superstructures are constructed from post-tensioned concrete, with stainless steel columns filled with concrete supporting the bridge deck.

The handrails are designed to provide the same light effect as the bridge deck, and are made from thin, stainless-steel tubes. All the bridges are continuous structures without any expansion joints.

Longest of the three, the bridge spanning Hringbraut at Njarðargata is 169 m in length. Spiral in design, its longest span is 27.5 m long and 70 cm structural depth. Soaring over a marshland bird sanctuary at one end, it meets the neighbouring Njarðargata bridge at its other end by means of a 5 m high landfill in a nearby public park.

The third bridge, located just to the east at Landspítali, the National Hospital, is about 86 m long. It crosses Hringbraut in a sharp curve, landing parallel to Hringbraut.

All the bridges are constructed of post-tensioned concrete, cast in place, an economic solution as there was no traffic under the bridges at the time of construction.

The curved form of the structures is both aesthetically pleasing and a highly effective means of connection to the adjoining paths, while the white-coloured concrete used in their construction further adds to the bright, streamlined appearance. 

Service Components

EFLA's role

  • Concept and detailed design of bridges
  • Concept design of foot- and cycle paths.

The project's long term benefits

The bridges form an essential part of the network of foot- and cycleways in this vital part of Reykjavík.

Hringbraut - brýr

Brú yfir hringbraut

Göngubrú yfir Hringbraut