Design of road sections in Bjugn, Norway

On road Fv710 in Bjugn municipality north of Trondheim, EFLA designed three road sections. The work involved the design of new walking and cycling routes along existing roads as well as upgrading current roads. Along with the road design, drainage systems, street lights, road signs and markings were redesigned and tender documents made. 

About this Project

Statens vegvesen (Norwegian road administration), Norway

2016 ? 2017 

Bjugn municipality, Norway


The project's objective

The work was a part of a large project of the Norwegian road administration (Statens vegvesen), to upgrade and mend state roads north of Trondheim. The work resulted in better roads, allowing better and faster traffic flow and increased traffic safety.

The aim of the project was to design new walking and cycling route along an existing state road, Fv.710, as well as mending the road itself to increase the road safety and upgrade it to meet current standards. In total, 5 km of roads were missing walking and cycling paths and/or the road did not meet current standards, and the project remedied this. 

EFLA's role

  • Pavement design, roads, walking and cycling paths
  • Drainage systems
  • Street lights
  • Road signs and markings
  • Tender documents