Bridge across the Úlfarsá river

EFLA, in collaboration with Studio Granda architects, have designed a bridge on the newly constructed road Fellsvegur crossing the Úlfarsá river in a suburb of Reykjavík. The bridge is 46 meters long over three spans, made of concrete. The bridge deck is post-tensioned. 

About this Project

The City of Reykjavik


Úlfarsárdalur in Reykjavík


The project's objective

Fellsvegur is a new road which connects two recent suburban areas in Reykjavík, separated by the Úlfarsá river. EFLA was part of a team of designers who won a design competition for a new public school in the same area. Future plans for the area include a culture centre, a library and a public swimming pool.

The bridge is a post-tensioned concrete slab over three spans with a total length of 46 meters. Post tensioning allows for a smaller cross-section and hence a lighter structure. The bridge is designed without expansion joints which simplifies the construction work and reduces maintenance costs. This is done in accordance with modern trends in European bridge design. 

Environmental issues

Post-tensioned concrete allows for a smaller cross section, thereby reducing the usage of raw material, minimizing the visual impact on the surroundings and reducing the overall environmental impact. Special attention was given to the vulnerable fish population in the river when positioning the bridge foundations and specifying the construction procedures within the tender documents. 

EFLA's role

  • Preliminary bridge design
  • Geotechnical field survey
  • Bridge design
  • Tender documents
  • Consultancy in the construction phase

The project's long term benefits

An improved traffic network in the suburban area of Reykjavík.