Systems upgrade, Norðurál, Iceland

SCADA systems upgrade and replacement for Norðurál primary aluminium smelter.

Upgrade of old SCADA systems at the Norðurál primary aluminium smelter and replacement of old SCADA software to increase safety and reliability.

About this Project



Grundartangi, Iceland


The project's objective

The project involved replacing old SCADA systems at Norðurál that are used for everyday operation of the plant's mechanical control systems. The SCADA systems that EFLA replaced were stand-alone systems, i.e. they were installed on local PC's in each control area and were difficult to manage. 

The new SCADA system (Factory Talk View Studio) is installed on centralized servers and users connect to the servers with remote clients from the control areas. Modifications and maintenance on the systems is much easier with the new SCADA system because the servers are centralized and all modifications are distributed to the clients automatically. A redundant server pair is used and if one server fails the other server will automatically resume operation. 

With the new SCADA system the uptime of the control system is increased and the possibility for mobile applications is opened. A new SCADA and PLC standard was also developed and all SCADA systems were made homogenous so users could easily work without problems on different control systems.

EFLA's role

  • Develop a new SCADA and PLC standard for Norðurál
  • Programming the new SCADA systems for various areas
  • Test procedures and documentation
  • Workshop testing of the SCADA systems before installation
  • Modifications of the PLC application code to accommodate the new standard
  • Installation and testing of the SCADA systems

The project's long term benefit

The long-term benefits for the client is a better and more secure operation of the factory's SCADA systems with increased possibility for future expansions and upgrades.