Headline list

Bláa Lónið

Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a unique geothermal seawater spa that is situated in a lava field south of Reykjavík and is one of the best-known places in Iceland.

EFLA Consulting Engineers has worked on numerous engineering design and consultancy at the Blue Lagoon over the years.


Wastewater treatment plant

The project involved the design of a wastewater treatment plant for the town of Akureyri as well as an environmental impact assessment of the project and various advice on licensing and assessment of the recipient of the wastewater.

PCC Bakki

Silicon metal plant - PCC Bakki

In 2015 PCC started construction for a silicon metal plant in Bakki located in the municipality of Norðurþing in the northern part of Iceland. The operation commenced in 2018. SMS Group and M+W Germany are responsible for the construction.

EFLA designed the buildings in Bakki, supplied a design and building manager and is part of the site management team.

Landsbankinn lysedesign

High class LED with traditional functions - Landsbankinn

Creativity played an important role when Landsbankinn's branch in Reykjanesbær needed new lighting. EFLAS's work during the period of August 2012 to April 2013, resulted in a mixed solution of the latest LED fittings combined with traditional recessed solutions. 

Eskja fiskverksmiðja

Eskja pelagic freezing plant

Eskja hf. launched a new high-tech pelagic freezing plant at Eskifjörður in Iceland. The plant is 7000 m2 in size and all production processes are automated. Graphic analysis of the catch with touchless freezers ensures maximum product quality.

EFLA was responsible for the building design of Eskja new freezing plant, including the main/structural diagrams for the pelagic freezing plant. 


SVN fish processing plant

Síldarvinnslan hf. (SVN) is a fish processing plant located in the East of Iceland, that mostly produces fish for human consumption.

EFLA has for many years provided SVN with a total service in the field of electrical design for power distribution and industrial control, such as power distribution design for medium and low voltage systems and control and SCADA systems for automation. 

Ljósleiðari á Eskifirði í Fjarðabyggð

Fibre optic systems, rural area, Iceland

The project was the design of and consulting on fibre optic systems in a rural area of Fjarðabyggð in East Iceland.


Þeistareykir, control and telecommunication systems, Iceland

EFLA programmes, tests and commissions Þeistareykir geothermal power plant's control system as well as designing the power houses wireless telecommunication systems.


Systems upgrade, Norðurál, Iceland

SCADA systems upgrade and replacement for Norðurál primary aluminium smelter.

Upgrade of old SCADA systems at the Norðurál primary aluminium smelter and replacement of old SCADA software to increase safety and reliability.

Verne global gagnaver

Verne Global data centre

EFLA Consulting Engineers participated in the construction of a data centre expansion for Verne Global, the leading colocation operator in Iceland, where EFLA's scope was a turnkey package for the mechanical control systems.


Footbridge at Ullevaal stadium, Norway

EFLA, in collaboration with Brownlie Ernst and Marks Architects, has carried out the tender design of a new foot- and cycling bridge at the Ullevaal Stadium in Oslo.

The project also involves the design of a new layout of footways and roads, drainage and lighting systems, a landscaping scheme, new configuration of electrical and communications cabling in the area, geotechnical design, environmental studies and the auditing of existing nearby buildings. 

Gang og sykelveg Ryng 3 -

Footbridges and foot- and cycleways, Ring 3, Oslo

Tender design of a system of foot- and cycleways, bus lanes, bridges, drainage systems for surface water, cabling and electrics, lighting, landscaping, geotechnics and environmental engineering. 

Undirgöng í Hafnarfirði

Underpass under the Reykjanesbraut Highway

As a part of a larger project to widen and alter the Reykjanesbraut Highway through Hafnarfjörður town, EFLA, in collaboration with Studio Granda architects, carried out the design of an underpass under the highway. 

The underpass is located at Suðurholt in Hafnarfjörður and improves the pedestrian links between the town's neighbourhoods on both sides of the highway. 

hilton hotel

Building management system, Nordica hotel

EFLA was responsible for the design of all electrical systems, lighting design and the design and commisioning of the building management system when the hotel was extended and a new conference centre added.

Norðurál Grundartangi

Crane installation, Nordic aluminium smelter, Iceland

EFLA was commissioned by the partner to provide a complete range of electrical engineering drawings and programming for PLC, HMI and SCADA systems for new tapping cranes being installed at the client's smelter plant in southwest Iceland.
Geothermal in Iceland

Sound propagation from geothermal drilling

Noise map and sound propagation from drilling sites.

The objective was to prepare a noise map and estimate the sound propagation from drilling sites. 

Hafnarfjörður harbour - noise mapping and measurements

EFLA measured and mapped the noise from Hafnarfjörður's harbour activity, because of a new nearby residential area.