SENSE - Harmonised enviromental sustainability in the European food and drink chain

A system for environmental impact assessment of food and drink products.

The project's goal was to design a harmonized system for environmental impact assessment of food and drink products, providing reliable information for consumers and stakeholders.

About this Project

7th Framework Programme of the European Commission 



The project's objective

The SENSE consortium was formed by a multidisciplinary team, involving 23 partners from research organizations, food and drink SMEs, environmental and LCA experts, SMEs for dissemination and communication, and European food associations. Partners came from 13 countries. The Icelandic partners were The University of Iceland and EFLA Consulting Engineers.

The main results of SENSE were:

  • Standard harmonised key environmental performance indicators (KEPI)
  • Harmonised methodology for environmental impact assessment
  • SENSE-tool for environmental data collection - EID and EID-Communication Platform
  • Roadmap for policy and governance implementation

EFLA's role

  • To perform a life cycle assessment for aquaculture salmon from cradle to grave
  • To take part in the development of a simplified LCA tool (SENSE-tool) and its validation within the aquaculture chain