Biological sewage treatment plants

Sewage systems

Veitur operates a number of sewage systems in the Borgarfjörður region of southwest Iceland serving, among other places, the communities of Bifröst, Hvanneyri, Reykholt and Varmaland.

About this Project


2006 - 2010

Borgarfjörður, southwest region


Objective in the project

When Veitur, the biggest utility company in Iceland, assumed responsibility for setting up sewage treatment plants, a decision was made to build biological sewage treatment plants at each location. This was a major project which included the introduction of a system involving the use of rotating biological contactors. 

Using the system, raw sewage enters an underground sludge tank and flows from there to the contactor, where bacteria act on biodegradable materials in the flow. 

On completion of this process, the effluent is channelled into a sedimentary pond or is irradiated, before being returned to the environment.

Environmental issues

By setting up these sewage treatment plants, Veitur fulfilled all regulations regarding sewage disposal at these four locations.

Service Components

EFLA's role

  • Pre-design and measurements, including measurement of sewage flow at each location and analysis of the chemical composition of the sewage
  • Equipment design and tenders, including tender materials for the purchase of treatment equipment and its incorporation into the overall design
  • Project design and tenders, including all external piping and system design for the treatment stations     

Long term benefit

The project solved the sewage treatment problems the communities were facing.