Tower design competition, Norway

Straw, Stra

Statnett in Norway hosted a design competition for a new 420 kV transmission line tower type that would blend well into a densely populated urban district in Olso. 

EFLA submitted three proposals for new high-voltage power pylons and won the top two places, the STRAW and the SENTINEL.

About this Project

Statnett, Norwegian TSO


Oslo, Norway


The project's objective

The objective was to design a new 420 kV overhead transmission line tower that had to comply with predefined requirements set forth by Statnett. The work involved concept design, architectural design, structural design, electromechanical design, cost estimation and 3D visualisations of the proposals.

The winning proposal is named the STRAW, while SENTINEL ("Spire" in Norwegian) was awarded second place. Engineers from EFLA prepared the new concepts in collaboration with Eva Widenoja, an industrial designer from Widenoja Design AS.

The new transmission line will replace an older 300 kV line and will be seen by a large number of people every day, thus making it important to blend well with its environment.

Environmental issues

Steadily growing environmental awareness and the importance of preserving nature has led to a stronger emphasis on adapting new transmission line structures to their immediate surroundings and the landscape. The STRAW adapts well to its surroundings and is more environmentally friendly than today's standard towers with regards to electro-magnetic fields and footprint.

EFLA's role

Concept design, 3D visualisations and presentation of the design proposals were done in collaboration with Eva Widenoja.

EFLA was responsible for:

  • Structural design
  • Electromechanical design
  • Cost estimation
  • The delivered brochure

Testimonial from Statnett

The Straw suspension tower: "Progressive, cool and elegant design. The tower will be noticed."

The Straw tension tower: "Simple and elegant design. Could be taken further by incorperating the bend shape to resemble the load-bearing tower more."

The project's long term benefits

Statnett is committed to leaving a positive impact on the environment. This project is a vital part of enforcing that vision.

Stráið háspennumastur í OslóThe winner of the competition, The Straw

SpireThe Spire came in 2nd place in the competition

TúlípaninnThe Tulip was one of EFLA's and Eva Widenoju proposals