Substation Klafastaðir

The substation is a Static Var Compensator (SVC) installation, meant to regulate voltage fluctuation and increase the power quality of the 220 kV transmission system at the site. This is done with reactors and capacitors controlled with power electronics (thyristors) operating in the range of -100/150 MVAr. The SVC installation is the first part of a 400/220 kV substation scheduled to be built in the future. 

About this Project

Landsnet transmission system operator


Klafastaðir in Hvalfjörður, western Iceland


The project's objective

EFLA handled the preparation of the SVC installation and made all tender documents as well as handling supervision of the installation of the electrical equipment. EFLA defined the requirements of the complicated equipment in question, that was manufactured by ABB.

Landsnet decided to have the equipment indoors. The building is on one floor divided into a control building, a SVC hall, a transformer hall and a 220 kV switchgear hall. The control building is a heated and insulated concrete building, about 200 m². The other parts of the building are about 2.100 m² unheated and uninsulated shelters for the electrical equipment. The SVC hall, transformer hall and switchgear hall are separated with concrete walls. The structure is otherwise made of steel, the roof and walls covered with metal claddings.

The fire safety design took particularly into account the fire and explosion load of the transformers located in the building. Detailed calculations were made on the effects of fire in the transformers where the temperature was evaluated with regards to ventilation. In addition, a specific model and calculations were made for transformer explosions. The sound emanating from the installation was investigated and the need of special actions evaluated. 

EFLA's role

Engineering design of a SVC installation

  • Supervision and project management for the entire project
  • Calculations and preparation
  • Tender design and detail design
  • All tender documents for material and work Installation supervision
  • Equipment testing assistance 

  • Design of fire- and safety systems
  • Design of ventilation and piping
  • Design of electrical installations
  • Sound consultancy
  • Design of structures and foundations

The project's long term benefits

The project will increase the power quality in the 220 kV transmission system at the site.