Fitjalína 2 – 132 kV underground cable

The project consisted of the preparation and design of a 132-kV underground cable between Fitjar and Helguvík in the Reykjanes peninsula to connect a new substation providing power to a silicon production plant (United Silicon). 

About this Project



The Reykjanes peninsula in Iceland


The project's objective

The object of the project was to connect a new 132-kV substation located in an industrial area in Helguvík in the Reykjanes peninsula. An 8.5 km underground cable was laid through a demanding area consisting of an international airport, main roads and a populated area, crossing a high number of other cables, pipes and roads. Strict requirements were made regarding the surface finishing at the end of the project.

EFLA handled the preparation of the project, including planning, licencing, earth research and design of the cable route. EFLA also created tender documents for the earthwork, reviewed tenders and provided consultation during execution of the project.

The project was executed in good cooperation with the nearby Reykjanesbær and Garður municipalities, as well as Isavia, the airport authorities. 

EFLA's role

  • Planning and licensing, in addition to communication with stakeholders
  • Project design
  • Site investigation
  • Earth work design and cable laying
  • Assistance with the tender
  • Assistance during the project's lifespan, assistance with project inspection