Structural design, college

EFLA was commissioned to provide a range of services relating to the design of a 1.950 m2 annex to Breiðholt College in Iceland, including 12 class rooms as well as the school's canteen. 

The building is on three levels. A connecting walkway on three levels connects the building extension to the existing school building.

About this Project

Sveinbjörn Sigurðsson


Reykjavík, Iceland

Arkís architects


The project's objective 

The structural system mostly consists of cast-in-place concrete elements. Concrete walls along with circular columns support post-tensioned slabs over level 1 and 2 and the roof. The walkway that connects the existing building to the new addition is an open glass building supported with steel columns and beams. The slabs in the walkway are cast-in-place reinforced slab supported on steel beams and columns. The stairs between floors are made of steel.

Acoustical design

EFLA oversaw the acoustical design of two lecture halls in the building. Acoustical model was made and acoustical simulations were carried out in acoustical software. The agenda was to achieve good listening conditions, with appropriate length of reverberation time, sound scattering and distribution of acoustical materials in the halls. It was important that the seating area was upholstered enough so the acoustical properties would not change with the number of students each time. With the use of high quality acoustical materials, the acoustical goals were met. The listening conditions were considered good with high speech transmission index. The sound insulation of the halls was also designed, as well as sound from technical equipment within the building.

Heating, piping and ventilation

EFLA designed heating, piping systems, fire sprinkler and a full ventilation system for the building. The ventilation system was designed to provide very good air quality and with a low noise level with respect to the acoustical design. A water mist system was designed in the building because the water supply was limited for the building and the space above the suspended ceiling was also limited.

EFLA's role

  • Structural design
  • HVAC and plumbing systems
  • Plumbing
  • Acoustic design