Sound propagation from geothermal drilling

Noise map and sound propagation from drilling sites.

The objective was to prepare a noise map and estimate the sound propagation from drilling sites. 

About this Project

Iceland Drilling Company Ltd.




The project's objective

A drilling site is very noisy and it is important to map and measure the noise coming from the site.

At the request of Iceland Drilling Company Ltd, EFLA Consulting Engineers prepared a noise map and estimated the sound propagation from a specific drilling site, to be used as a demonstration project of the noise level from drilling sites in general.

To get more accurate results for the noise map, noise measurements were carried out close to a drill in action. The results from the measurements were used to calibrate the SoundPLAN (noise prediction software) model used for noise mapping. The model was then used to map the noise and the effects of noise barriers considered. 

Service Components

EFLA's role

  • Preparation of a noise map
  • Estimation of sound propagation from a drilling site
  • Calibrate the SoundPLAN model
  • Map the noise and the effects of possible noise barriers