Sigur Rós's rehearsal space

EFLA participated in the design of a new studio for the band Sigur Rós, where specialists from EFLA's acoustics department implemented a universal design of the room acoustics.

About this Project

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Reykjavík, Iceland


The project's objective

The band Sigur Rós uses a room of about 300 m2 for their main rehearsal space and studio. EFLA participated in a universal design of the room acoustics. The studio is located in an industrial building at the old harbour area in Reykjavík.

Since Sigur Rós's music is diverse and in many aspects unconventional, defining the optimal design basis for the room acoustics proved a certain challenge. Generally, desirable room acoustics depend on the type of music performed in the space. The aim was to have acoustics that correspond to the core sound of the band but are also neutral enough to fit for most types of modern music.

The design process and the acoustics of the room

The design process involved measurements of the acoustics of the room before any acoustical measures were implemented. Subsequent was a 3D-modelling of the room with a special room acoustics software and the model was calibrated to match the measurement results. In designing the acoustics, some model calculations were performed. By using such model calculations, the acoustics could be designed with reliable results. Five different types of absorbers were designed, each with a certain frequency dependent function. The harmony of these different types of absorbs determine the acoustics of the room. The arrangement of the absorbers also contributed to a suitable diffusion in the room.

The design also involved consultation on the sound insulation of the building, as other studios are located in the building, on the upper floor. Therefore, it was important to have sufficient sound insulation between the rooms. To improve the sound insulation, an extra sound insulating ceiling was added below the existing ceiling.

EFLA inspected for the construction of the reform. 

Service Components

EFLA's role

  • Acoustic design
  • Inspection 

The project's long term benefits

When the reform was completed, the acoustics of the room were measured. The results conformed well with EFLAs acoustical design. Users have expressed great satisfaction with the acoustical benefits.