Lighting design - 180 West George Street, Glasgow

180 West George Street is located in the heart of Glasgow. It provides high quality spaces for offices and headquarters. Visitors and passers by are greeted with the impressive triple height reception lobby, with lighting designed byKSLD | EFLA Lighting Design.

About this Project

Picton Capital Ltd

Feb 2016 - July 2017

Glasgow, Scotland


The project's objective

The high ceiling atrium is visible from the first three floors as well as from the street, and is the main feature of the lobby. Twelve pendant rings manufactured by Lightnet are suspended on an electric lift for ease of maintenance. The reflection of the rings in the windows on each floor creates a sense of increased space and enhances the viewer experience.

5373-031-McAteer-webThe feature corian wall wraps behind the reception. This is machined in a pattern to provide different levels of translucency. Photo: McAteer.

5373-042-McAteer_webBehind the wall we have LED strips that are DMX controlled and programmed to give a subtle dynamic glow that changes according to time of day. Photo: McAteer.

180-West-George-Street-_-frontpageThe inter-reflection between the opposing glass was intended to create a subtle infnity mirror effect. Photo: McAteer.

5537-009-McAteer-webPhoto: McAteer.

5373-033-McAteer-webPhoto: McAteer.

5537-012-McAteer-webPhoto: McAteer.

Below the pendants is a dynamic back-lit corian wall, designed together with MLA, that spans from the front window to the back of the reception desk. The animation sequence, programmed by KSLD | EFLA's Eric Berntsson, changes to fit different moods as the day goes by.

Every hour, an event occurs that changes the lighting, enabling the installation to also function as an abstract "light clock" and encourages the users to look up and admire the space and architecture above them.